Car Detailing Collection – Version 1 - Bent Lance Wand 500mm - OG.0002

VAT excluded 2-3 Days
  • Car Detailing Lance Wand
  • Obsessed garage Version 1 Lance
  • Stainless Steel Lance 500mm with QRC Probe Inlet
  • Stainless Steel Quick release Nozzle Holder and Protector on Outlet

Stainless Steel lance 500mm ( 20″ ) in length with a 300mm black insulation section and bent lance end.

All couplings are Stainless Steel Grade 304 as standard.

This stainless steel lance is 500mm ( 20″ ) in length with a 300mm black insulation section and bent lance end.

The outlet is fitted with a rubber nozzle shroud for protection and quick release nozzle holder.

Fitted to the inlet thread is a male probe quick release fitting to allow a fast connect / disconnect with a gun using the same sized connector.

All quick release couplings and nozzle holders are 304 grade stainless steel. The lance barrel is also SS not zinc plated.

Ideal for detailing work when valeting cars as demonstrated on the YouTube channel.

The package is assembled to order therefore please allow a few days delivery.

Please feel free to ask any questions.

Couplings can be sent loose if required to allow maximum flexibility by the user.


Individual push fit nozzles are available at £7 each.  Spray angles 0, 15, 25, 40,degree, or full nozzle pack containing 4 x nozzles plus soap nozzle at £20

Call to order stating your pressure and flow rate or nozzle size if known..

A 3/8m x M22M brass connector is also available to connect your Kranzle hose to the quick fitting at £3.50


Data sheet

Part Number
Inlet Thread
Mini QR Probe Adaptor 1/4 F ø11.7mm probe
Outlet Thread
Mini QR Coupler 1/4 M x 11.7mm bore
Stainless steel
Commodity Code

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