Commercial Surface Cleaner – 275 / 500 Bar

  • Also model up to 500 bar available
  • Maintenance fee
  • Quality stainless steel swivel
  • Ready to use


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Product Description

Mosmatic Commercial Rotary Surface Cleaner for cold and hot water application reaches peak performance without any maintenance. Our most popular flat surface cleaner, ideal for cleaning parking lots, gas stations, school yards, gangways etc. This commercial surface cleaner is our best selling machine, enjoying all the benefits of the Mosmatic brand in terms of quality, reliability and ease of use. If its just regular hard surface cleaner without feature such as recovery or gum removal, the Mosmatic commercial series is the one to consider. Available in 5 options.

80.750 FL-CG 520  21″ with brush skirt, single rotor arm 2x nozzles, No wheels,  275 bar

80.751 FL-CR 520  21″ with brush skirt, single rotor arm 2x nozzles, wheels,  275 bar

80.153 FL-RY 520  21″ with brush skirt, single rotor arm, wheels,  no gun, 500 bar

80.358 FL-RY 750  30″ with brush skirt, triple rotor arm, wheels  no gun, 500 bar

80.752 FL-CR 750  30″ with brush skirt, triple rotor arm 3x nozzles, wheels  275 bar

All Mosmatic surface cleaners are constructed of stainless steel, can be used with hot water and fitted with a non- maintenance self lubricated swivel.

Part No: 80.750, 80.751, 80.158, 80.358, 80.752

Part Name: FL-CG diameter 520 G3/8"F (M22,1/8") 275bar, FL-CR diameter 520 G3/8"F (M22,1/8") 275bar, FL-CRY diameter 520 G1/4"M (M22,1/8") 500bar, FL,RY diameter 750 G1/4"-M (M22) out:1/?" 500bar, FL-CR diameter 750 G3/8"F (M22,1/8") 275bar

Commercial Surface Cleaner – 275 / 500 Bar
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Part no.

80.158, 80.358, 80.750, 80.751, 80.752

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