DYKI Salt Water Swivel 350 bar Carbide / Stainless

  • Saltwater resistant
  • 350 bar / 2000 rpm
  • Quadruple bearing system
  • Carbide seal system
  • Stainless steel


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Product Description

Mosmatic salt water swivels for underwater application (saltwater/freshwater), high rpm/pressure, thrust and radial forces

Part No: 54.001, 54.103, 54.603, 36.916, 36.917

Part Name: DYKIV-06 G1/4"F G1/4"M, DYKIV-06 G3/8"F G3/8"M, DYKIV-06 G3/8"F G3/8"M, DYK NW06, DYK NW09

DYKI Salt Water Swivel 350 bar Carbide / Stainless
Additional Information
Part no.

36.916, 36.917, 54.001, 54.103, 54.603

Product code

DYK NW06, DYK NW09, DYKIV-06 G1/4″F G1/4″M, DYKIV-06 G3/8″F G3/8″M

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