Manhole Gully Cleaner

  • With protection plate
  • Optimal cleaning of vertical main
  • Easy to use


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Product Description

Mosmatic Manhole cleaner is ideal for the restoration, cleaning and service of manholes, access stations and other long verticle drops. Easy to use self rotating equipment made for higher flow rates. Stainless Steel protection plate included. Choose from a variety of sizes and 2 or 4 nozzles outlets.

Nozzles not included but we can size these to your machine ( contact for more details )

All Mosmatic Manhole Cleaners are constructed of stainless steel and fitted with a non- maintenance self lubricated swivel.

Part No: 81.938, 81.033, 81.043, 81.053, 81.063, 81.083, 81.937

Part Name: TYR-4f diameter 500 G1"-F 4x1/8"NPT-F m. Schutzbl., TXS-2f diameter 300 G1/2"-F 2x1/8"NPT-F, TXS-2f diameter 400 G1/2"-F 2x1/8"NPT-F, TXS-2f diameter 500 G1/2"-F 2x1/8"NPT-F, TXS-2f diameter 600 G1/2"-F 2x1/8"NPT-F, TXS-2f diameter 800 G1/2"-F 2x1/8"NPT-F, TYR-4f diameter 400 G1"-F 4x1/8"NPT-F m. Schutzbl.

Manhole Gully Cleaner
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Part no.

81.033, 81.043, 81.053, 81.063, 81.083, 81.937, 81.938

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