Obsessed Garage – Mosmatic HP Gun & Lance 500mm

  • Obsessed Garage Mosmatic HP Gun Lance Complete
  • 29.131 HP Gun 350 bar  150°C in:G3/8″F out:G1/4″F + QRC Probe Inlet
  • Stainless steel lance 500mm with Mini QRC Probe Inlet & QRC Nozzle Holder
  • Stainless Steel Quick release Nozzle Holders to Lance and Gun Outlet


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Product Description

Mosmatic Superior Quality HP Gun Rated to 350 Bar ( 5000psi ) Max 45 l/m flow and 150c part number 29.131

The gun inlet incorporates a Mosmatic swivel joint to prevent hose coiling when in use.

The gun outlet has a 1/4F thread which is fitted with a stainless steel female quick release coupling / nozzle holder, to allow disconnecting a lance easily or using a push fit nozzle directly into the gun outlet. Ideal for detailing work when valeting cars as demonstrated on the obsessed garage YouTube channel.

Also supplied is a quick release stainless steel coupling set with 3 O rings ( 3/8F x 20mm bore ) that can be used on the gun inlet and hose connection if required.

The stainless steel lance is 500mm ( 20″ ) in length with a 300mm black insulation section and bent lance end.

The outlet is fitted with a rubber nozzle shroud for protection and quick release nozzle holder. The lance inlet has a male probe quick release fitting to allow a fast connect / disconnect with the gun.

All quick release couplings, nozzle holders and the lance barrel are stainless steel.


The package is assembled to order therefore please allow a few days delivery.


Please feel free to ask any questions.

Couplings can be sent loose if required to allow maximum flexibility by the user.




Push fit nozzles are available at £7 each. Spray angles 0, 15, 25, 40,degree,  Call to order stating your pressure and flow rate or nozzle size if known..

A 3/8m x M22M brass connector is also available to connect your Kranzle hose to the quick fitting at £3.50



Part No: OG.0001

Part Name: Obsessed Garage Mosmatic HP Gun Lance Complete

Obsessed Garage  – Mosmatic HP Gun & Lance 500mm

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