Roof Cleaner with side and height adjustment

  • Height and width adjustable
  • Quad bearing swivel
  • For professional roof cleaners


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Product Description

The Mosmatic Roof Cleaner is an industrial quality tool designed for quick and effective cleaning of roofs and high level surfaces. The operator is located safely on the ridge allowing the roof cleaner to travel down the roof. Security, stability as well as cleaning results are emphasized. This stainless steel unit is available in a 275 Bar or 500 Bar rating models, whilst the deck height and wheel width are adjustable, allowing the machine to be used on different rood styles. An optional longer height adjustment pack is available if the roof profile is deeper than the standard adjustment.

80.651 DR-520 21″ Roof Cleaner 275 Bar

80.662 DR520 21″ Roof Cleaner 500 Bar

Note – Roof cleaner are not supplied with nozzles since they need sizing to your pressure washer. ( Contact for advice ).

Mosmatic roof cleaner surface cleaners are constructed of stainless steel, can be used with hot water and fitted with a non- maintenance self lubricated swivel.



Part No: 80.651, 80.662

Part Name: DR-520 M22x1.5-F 275bar, DR-520 G1/4"F 500bar

Roof Cleaner with side and height adjustment
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Part no.

80.651, 80.662

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