Silo Cleaner / Vessel Cleaning

  • Adjusts to your application
  • Equipped with stabilizer nozzles
  • Completely maintenance-free


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Mosmatic has a solution for cleaning Silo’s and other large vessels. The extendable arms with rollers help¬†guide and maintain a close surface contact for impressive cleaning results. Simply attach a suspension cable to the eyelets and use your winch to raise and lower the Silo Cleaner. Fitted with high intensity Stabilizer Nozzles, increase the cleaning distance and impact to maintain a more concentrated spray pattern. Stainless steel construction and maintenance free design help to ensure long life and reliability.

Part No: 81.091

Part Name: Silo G1/2"F 2000-3500mm 170bar DXT-12

Silo Cleaner / Vessel Cleaning
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