Cleaning Head Spider

  • Complete hyrdo-driven head for vehicle washes
  • Long range impact stabilizer nozzles
  • Stainless steel construction


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Product Description

Mosmatic Spider Rotary Head equipped with four stabilizer nozzles makes it possible to clean all kinds of longer distance surfaces without pressure loss. Air injection stabilising nozzles expand and contain the water flow allowing longer distance of travel and provide that “punch impact” needed for heavy debris cleaning. The rotating movement and angled jet make for an effective and efficient cleaning action against the surface being cleaned.

Choose from one of the complete cleaning head spiders or build your own from the parts list below.

Part No: 81.929, 81.930, 81.931, 81.932

Part Name: TRS diameter 100 G3/8"F 4x14.901+Dusen, TRS diameter 100 G1/2"F 4x14.901+Dusen, TRS diameter 100 G3/4"F 4x14.901+Dusen, TRS diameter 100 G1"F 4x14.901+Dusen

Cleaning Head Spider
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Part no.

81.929, 81.930, 81.931, 81.932

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